Useful links to debunk fake blockchain use cases

“Blockchain” has dozens of definitions, it’s basically what people want it to be. That’s why you may read articles about “blockchain” solving almost any issue and transforming every single industry. It’s a logical fallacy as “blockchain” is used by many as a synonym of “software leveraging cryptography”, and it’s true that software is eating the world.

In reality, blockchains were designed to solve one specific problem: the double spending of digital cash without relying on a central third party. The only innovation of bitcoin in 2009 is that it gets rid of central authorities. All the other functionalities (append only database, linked lists, peer to peer networking, consensus protocols in distributed environments, merkle trees, public/private cryptographic keys, etc.) are 30-year-old pieces of technology that are used in distributed software in centralized environments.

So it’s obvious that all the use cases involving authorities such as voting, provenance and any case involving a public or private entity do not need a blockchain. Same with any case involving real world assets or products, as a blockchain can only manage native digital tokens. To expand on those arguments and debunk fake blockchain use cases, you may use the following links:


Supply chain / Credentialing / Provenance

Supply chain is obviously not a blockchain use case (en Francais ici)

Supply chains and block chains – It’s the transparency stupid

Exposing the Myth of Blockchain: Why the Hype Is Holding You Back

Art ownership / Collectibles (NFT)

How I became Leonardo on the blockchain

Stop this digital ownership madness. NFTs are bullshit


Health data

Medical records, but on the blockchain — the history of a bad idea


Public voting

Blockchain public voting is fully debunked


Other use cases (incl. land registry)

You Do Not Need Blockchain: Eight Popular Use Cases And Why They Do Not Work


Tokenization of real world assets

Why tokenizing real-world assets on a blockchain is stupid

What is tokenisation really?

The Tokenization Delusion

Cloud Crypto Land

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