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Useful links to debunk fake blockchain use cases

“Blockchain” has dozens of definitions, it’s basically what people want it to be. That’s why you may read articles about “blockchain” solving almost any issue and transforming every single industry. It’s a logical fallacy as “blockchain” is used by many as a synonym of “software”, and it’s true that software is eating the world. In […]

A counter to a16z Crypto fund II thesis

I read the article developing the thesis for the a16z Crypto fund II and it only confirmed my opinion that most VC don’t know what they’re talking about [there are a few exceptions!]. Or maybe a16z does, but they’re hiding their real thesis (“continue to invest in software”) behind irrelevant statements for some strategic reason. […]

The Ungrateful Role of the Bank’s CISO, and How to Make It Great Again

[This article was first published in The International Banker] The role of Chief Information Security Officer always had some ungrateful aspects attached to it. The board generally understands little about cyber security and provides limited support to you. You can’t answer with certainty questions such as “Can you guarantee that an Equifax, Capital One or […]

Blockchain public voting is fully debunked

We shouldn’t even have to talk about blockchain public voting, because blockchains were specifically designed to bypass authorities (“trusted third parties are security holes“), whereas public elections are specifically managed and controlled by public authorities. “Blockchain public voting” is an oxymoron, at least given our current forms of government. It’s a common error to think […]

“Blockchain” doesn’t mean anything

Did you know that R3 Corda Blockchain has “no block chain” per its technical whitepaper (page 5)? Did you know that the Libra blockchain won’t use a blockchain per its technical whitepaper (page 8: “Unlike previous blockchain projects, which view the blockchain as a collection of blocks of transactions, the Libra Blockchain will be a […]

The truth about blockchains and cybersecurity

The idea that blockchains or distributed ledgers may bring benefits in terms of cybersecurity is a widespread myth. Even the US Department of Defense fell for this myth in a recent report “DoD Digital Modernization Strategy” with plans to build a “Block Chain Cybersecurity Shield” allowing to “transmit secure messages” and “develop unhackable code”. It […]