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The keys to delivering excellent mobile financial services

A must-have for banks The world is getting more and more connected with a global smartphone installed base of 2.8B units in 2016 (Morgan Stanley research). In this context, providing mobile banking services is a must-have for financial institutions. They all have their own applications available on the most popular mobile platforms. Interestingly, per the […]

The future of financial services – Highlights from #FSFuture Twitter chat

On June 1 2017, I was asked by Pega and Capgemini to host a Twitter chat titled “The Future of Financial Services”. It was a great success: 60 experts joined the discussion, which generated about 1,000 tweets and retweets and about 16.5 million impressions. Here are the key insights from the chat: Q1. Providing exceptional […]

Navigate the digital revolution in insurance

Honored to be one of 8 experts sharing their advice on how to navigate the digital revolution in insurance. This is a very good report by Process Excellence Network for the upcoming OPEX Insurance summit. Download your PDF copy 👉 here

Buzzline generator

If you often read the online press, you probably saw that pattern too: flashy headlines announcing the next revolution. For the sake of efficiency, I developed an headline generator to help the media in their publishing process. Please share, it is free of rights. WhyHow AIBig DataCognitiveIoTVR/ARBlockchain technology3D PrintingNanotechnologyQuantum computing willis about tocancouldmay changetransformrevolutionizedisruptkill the […]

Innovation is Worth Nothing Unless it is Operationally Excellent

Ahead of the 4th Annual OPEX Insurance: Disruptive Transformation Summit, key speaker Sebastien Meunier discusses the threat digital disruption poses for incumbents, and how the industry is moving towards increasing personalization, decentralization and better risk management. Sebastien Meunier also shares his insights 4 ways blockchain is transforming business 👉

3 misconceptions about Innovation

This is a first article in a series about innovation in Finance, starting with 3 misconceptions: 1) Innovation is not necessarily “disruptive” Innovation comes from the Latin word innovatio meaning “renewal”. The change associated with innovation can have a limited impact (incremental change) or a very significant impact (transformational change). “Disruption” is a concept that […]