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Supply chain is obviously not a blockchain use case

If by “a blockchain” (or “a distributed ledger”) you mean “a distributed data store using cryptographic functions and blocks of data chained together” then it basically means “software technology” and indeed pretty much everything can be digitized with software. It also means that people have been developing “blockchains / DL” for decades.  It’s a fallacy. […]

Aller au-delà des effets d’annonce sur la blockchain

Opinion publiée sur Capital (en Français / in French) Société Générale a annoncé avoir écrit et exécuté un contrat sur la blockchain Ethereum. Pour être clair, j’applaudis la SocGen pour ce test innovant ainsi que pour le coup marketing. Je souhaite ici réagir aux commentaires exubérants de certains analystes, et éclairer les enjeux de ce type […]

Why people get blockchains so wrong

The “blockchain magic” piece I wrote in 2017 is still topical. Every single day the public is exposed to delusional articles about how “blockchains” and “distributed ledgers” are going to revolutionize some new business areas. The main reason why there is so much fake news about blockchains is that “blockchain technology” does not actually exist. […]

What are distributed ledgers (actually) good for?

This is a presentation I gave to VCs and Finance executives in New York in January 2019:

Top articles about decentralization

It is ‘en vogue’ to pretend that decentralization is the future (it sure is the past though) and that we will soon decentralize all the things. If you want to take the blue pill, you can continue to read the mainstream media. If you want a real analysis about what decentralization means, if it is […]

Top scholarly papers about distributed ledgers

I thought that scholarly papers about distributed ledgers would be of better quality than the articles in the mainstream media, because professors and PhD students are not paid by the click and are supposed to apply rigorous research methodologies. Unfortunately, there are a lot of terrible academic papers about distributed ledgers. Most of them simply […]