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What are distributed ledgers (actually) good for?

This is a presentation I gave to VCs and Finance executives in New York in January 2019:

Top articles about decentralization

It is ‘en vogue’ to pretend that decentralization is the future (it sure is the past though) and that we will soon decentralize all the things. If you want to take the blue pill, you can continue to read the mainstream media. If you want a real analysis about what decentralization means, if it is […]

Top scholarly papers about distributed ledgers

I thought that scholarly papers about distributed ledgers would be of better quality than the articles in the mainstream media, because professors and PhD students are not paid by the click and are supposed to apply rigorous research methodologies. Unfortunately, there are a lot of terrible academic papers about distributed ledgers. Most of them simply […]

Top blogs and articles to learn about distributed ledgers

There are a lot of misinformation in the mainstream media about what Bitcoin, Blockchains or Distributed Ledgers can do or cannot do. The whole business model of “evangelists”, journalists, authors and vendors is to get their audience and customers excited (“blockchain will save the world!”) to generate revenues through clicks and sales. Accuracy is secondary […]

Transforming Climate Finance and Green Investment with Blockchain

Honored to be in such great company as one of the co-authors of the amazing book edited by Alastair Marke and published by Elsevier: Transforming Climate Finance and Green Investment with Blockchain

2018 Fintech & Crypto predictions

Happy new year everyone! Let’s use this time of the year to share some Fintech predictions. 1/ Governments are not going to give up to cryptocurrencies without a fight. Some countries will issue crypto regulations and impose licenses. China is going to authorize cryptocurrency trading again, however with strict rules. These rules will prevent some […]