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More proof that “blockchain” doesn’t exist

“Blockchain” doesn’t exist because it cannot be defined. Ask 10 people and you will get 10 different definitions. It’s a lot of fun, try it with people around you. It shows that it’s often wishful thinking: people call “blockchain” what they want it to be. Some examples: Definition Source Seb’s PoV A blockchain is a […]

The truth about blockchains and cybersecurity

The idea that blockchains or distributed ledgers may bring benefits in terms of cybersecurity is a widespread myth. Even the US Department of Defense fell for this myth in a recent report “DoD Digital Modernization Strategy” with plans to build a “Block Chain Cybersecurity Shield” allowing to “transmit secure messages” and “develop unhackable code”. It […]

The differences between “blockchain” and “software”

During a recent training about innovation in Finance that I was delivering, I decided to do a whiteboard exercise and list the differences between “a blockchain” and a conventional “software” with the help of the participants, in order to teach them how to distinguish the real from the fake news. The first thing we agreed […]

12 (safe) Fintech predictions for 2020

This year I decided to only make safe 2020 predictions, because who doesn’t like to be proven right? I want to be able to brag about my successes in one year. 1/ Firms, the usual suspects (IBM, SAP, MS, the big four, McK, FB, etc.) and startups alike, will continue to mislead the public by […]

When blockchain? The answer after 4 years

Since August 2016 I collected many decisions trees “when to use blockchain” in this popular article. It’s been 3 years and a half. We now know what model works best. It’s simple, powerful and accurate: Look, it’s been 4 years and nobody found a convincing use case beyond cryptocurrencies. We can stop pretending. And no […]

The “business blockchain” vision evolves but is still flawed

The Bitcoin-to-Blockchain-to-Bitcoin cognitive cycle is usually the following: Step 1 – Wow Bitcoin is a cool and powerful system Step 2 – Let’s copy the Bitcoin design to manage all the things! Step 3 – Hum private permissioned blockchains are useless (the same services can always be delivered faster, cheaper and with the same security […]