Top blogs and articles to learn about distributed ledgers

There are a lot of misinformation in the mainstream media about what Bitcoin, Blockchains or Distributed Ledgers can do or cannot do. The whole business model of “evangelists”, journalists, authors and vendors is to get their audience and customers excited (“blockchain will save the world!”) to generate revenues through clicks and sales. Accuracy is secondary for them. Truth does not sell well because it is often complex and boring. Even University professors can get the concept of distributed ledgers wrong – but this is the focus of another blog post.

Luckily, I got your back and will share the best sources of information to learn about what blockchains are actually good for.


I recommend these blogs from experts who know what they are talking about:


These are must read articles:

Obviously, I also recommend my own articles, on this website (use the tags DLT and blockchain) and on my medium page:


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